Cevya® Fungicide

Tech’s next big thing isn’t a microchip — and it’s arrived at a field near you.

Cevya® fungicide is the first isopropanol azole fungicide, providing fast activity and long-lasting residual control compared to other DMI fungicides currently on the market. Its unique chemistry offers the flexibility to manage complex diseases, making it an ideal fungicide for almonds, grapes, pome and stone fruit — even for resistant strains.


A cutting-edge formula designed to navigate increasingly strict regulatory criteria, Cevya fungicide delivers advanced residual power and resistance control that will drive the future of crop protection.

Benefits of Cevya® Fungicide

  • Fast-acting, long-lasting residual control for follow-up application flexibility
  • Control of resistant strains and reduced likelihood of developing future resistance
  • Engineered to stay ahead of ever-changing environmental and regulatory landscapes
  • Solo FRAC 3 active ingredient for increased flexibility
  • Powerful fungicide for grapes, almonds, pome and stone fruit

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    How Cevya Fungicide Works


    Longer-lasting residual to protect against scab, brown rot and other diseases


    Cevya fungicide is slowly released from the inner leaf reservoir to deliver dependable protection for longer. Cevya fungicide has proven itself as the most effective DMI fungicide for disease control, while also having longer residual properties than its competitors.


    The only isopropanol-azole to stay ahead of fungal pathogen resistance


    With its unique new binding activity, Cevya fungicide controls biotypes that may have developed resistance to other fungicides. This customizable binding helps you stay ahead of fungal diseases by combating fungal pathogens that have changed their binding pocket shape.


    A fungicide designed to stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape


    Designed to last, Cevya fungicide stands strong in the marketplace, even in light of ever-increasing fungal pathogen resistance. With its global regulation, Cevya fungicide allows growers to access worldwide markets, increase crop marketability and improve long-term product viability.

    Cevya fungicide controls diseases in:


    Leave powdery mildew in the dust.

    Nobody wants to see powdery mildew creeping in on their grapevines. Cevya fungicide delivers protection that’s light-years ahead, providing powerful residual control in a formula also designed to outpace regulatory standards.

    • Its flexible chemical structure allows the fungicide to target specific disease pressures — including grape powdery mildew — with advanced proficiency.
    • Highly effective at multiple times throughout the season, Cevya fungicide offers a next-generation MoA that fits it in perfectly with your existing fungicide lineup.
    Grapes on a vine


    Maximize results by applying Cevya fungicide during dormancy for an optimal defense against powdery mildew and other grape diseases.

    Chart of Ceyva vs Grape diseases



    Upgrade your spring and summer disease protection.

    Compared to other DMI fungicides, Cevya fungicide has longer-lasting and more consistent residual control.

    • Cevya fungicide is proven to provide longer-lasting residual control in addition to elite broad spectrum control of Alternaria, scab, shothole and rust.
    • With innovative chemistry, its flexible chemical structure helps it stay ahead of ever-increasing fungal pathogen resistance.
    • Cevya fungicide delivers the lowest lesions counted compared to Quash Fungicide, providing superior control that’s built to last.
    Almonds hanging on a branch


    Graphs featuring Cevya Fungicide
    Cevya Fungicide Almond Scab Control Table


    Changing the game in apple scab control.

    When it comes to keeping apple scab out of your orchards, Cevya fungicide takes protection to a whole new level — delivering better control of apple scab than any other DMI product.

    • The isopropanol azole link in Cevya fungicide allows its active ingredient molecule to flex, delivering enhanced control of resistant fungal strains, stronger site of action enzyme attachment and better fit in the enzyme binding pocket.
    • With a modern and global registration strategy, Cevya fungicide is designed for long-term availability and improved crop marketing flexibility.
    Red apple hanging on tree


    The list of crops protected by this product are from the Environmental Protection Agency approved Federal Label. Please click below to check crop specific label instructions and guidelines for special or state labeled crops. May not be labeled in all states.

    • Berries, Bulb vegetables
    • Cucurbits
    • Fruiting vegetables
    • Grapes (Table, Raisin, Wine)
    • Pome fruit
    • Root vegetables (excluding sugarbeets)
    • Stone fruit
    • Tree nuts