Merivon® Xemium® Brand Fungicide

Merivon fungicide is the premier choice for proven and consistent disease control. As a broad-spectrum fungicide ideal for bloom spray, it delivers longer lasting protection from diseases like brown rot blossom blight or jacket rot, along with unmatched Plant Health benefits and environmental stress reduction. The results? Industry-leading performance engineered to protect almonds, strawberries, leafy vegetables and pome and stone fruits.

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    Benefits of Merivon® Xemium® Brand Fungicide

    • Long-lasting, broad spectrum almond disease protection
    • Provides advanced plant health benefits for improved stress reduction
    • More consistent performance than competitive products
    • Drives market-leading yields even under extreme weather conditions

    Proven ROI. Weather Tested. 

    When it comes to being weather tested, we’re top of the class. Year-after-year, field trials have demonstrated that Merivon fungicide delivers bloom time benefits — even through extreme conditions. That’s why Merivon is trusted to protect more almond acres than any other fungicide.*

    An Investment Worth Making

    Bloom Time Applications Delivering Consistent Yield Potential Increase and Plant Health Benefits

    Trial Location: Arbuckle, CA. Full programs to evaluate yield. Plot Size: 5 acres. Fungicides applied at full bloom. Site selected due to low incidence of disease to show Plant Health benefits. Variety: Nonpareil. 2018 – frost at bloom. 2019 – wet during bloom. 2020 – dry during bloom. 2021 – very hot and dry resulting in lower yield.

    How Merivon Fungicide Works

    Merivon is a combination of Xemium fungicide and pyraclostrobin fungicide. This combination delivers longer-lasting tree nut disease protection, advanced plant health benefits and healthier, higher-quality almonds.

    *Kynetec Cal AgriScene, Product Use Report, FY 2023 Almonds


    Consult with your State Regulatory Agency regarding the status of registration of Merivon fungicide in your State.


    Always read and follow all label directions. Merivon and Xemium are registered trademarks of BASF. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and use of any such trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by its owner. ©2023 BASF. All Rights Reserved.

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