More Than Disease Control: BASF Plant Health Maximizes Yields

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Fungicides deliver crucial disease control for crops like corn and soybeans, but not all fungicides provide the same levels of efficacy. When you’re looking for an effective corn or soybean fungicide, you want the most control possible. So how do you know which products stand up to their claims and which products fail to yield results? As the market leader in row crop fungicides, BASF sets its products apart with innovative Plant Health that goes beyond disease control to include improved stress tolerance. BASF Plant Health fungicides, including Revytek® fungicide for soybeans and Veltyma® fungicide for corn, help mitigate damage from environmental stressors to keep crops healthier. No other soybean or corn fungicides on the market are labeled for and deliver Plant Health benefits like BASF. 

BASF Plant Health Portfolio

Forward-thinking farmers driven by agronomics don’t need to look any further than BASF for agricultural innovation. Revytek fungicide for soybeans and Veltyma fungicide for corn contain the fungicide active ingredient Revysol®, the first and only isopropanol-azole. Its unique molecular structure provides flexible application, strong binding properties, lasting residual benefits and broad-spectrum control with proven efficacy. This groundbreaking BASF chemistry is proven to increase yields over untreated acres — up to six bushels per acre in soybeans1 and 11 bushels per acre in corn.2

Plant Health Pioneers

Longtime corn and soybean farmers may recognize the name Headline SC® fungicide, or F500, developed by BASF as a first-of-its-kind Plant Health fungicide. With F500, BASF pioneered the field of Plant Health, giving farmers advantages beyond disease control by helping crops weather environmental stress, thereby boosting yield potential. BASF continues to grow its Plant Health technology, and today, stress management means crops like corn and soybeans can grow more efficiently, even in the absence of disease. This gives farmers a more consistent yield response when using BASF Plant Health products.

BASF Plant Health Science

As market-leading agronomic experts, BASF knows that even the most minor biological details impact plant health and farmers’ bottom lines. BASF studies plant health at the molecular level to help farmers grow the healthiest crops possible, even when uncontrollable factors threaten yields.

How Plant Health Science Works

Like humans, plants produce antioxidants to help combat the formation and accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Environmental stressors, such as a hailstorm, can increase the production of ROS and cause oxidative stress that prevents plants from growing efficiently. BASF Plant Health products help crops recover from environmental impacts and channel energy toward normal growth processes. Optimized growth efficiency helps extend grain and pod fill so farmers can reap increased bushels per acre at harvest.

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) imagery shows the portion of the field treated with a BASF Plant Health application is healthier.

Discover the Difference with BASF Plant Health Solutions

Every season has its challenges — periods of hot and dry, cool and wet, hail and wind — when plants need protection from more than disease alone. For over 20 years, BASF’s proven chemistry and support have helped farmers get the most from every acre. Make the choice today to protect your hard work and help maximize yields with BASF Plant Health products. Contact your local BASF representative to get started or find a retailer near you. You can also see how BASF Plant Health boosts performance in your area with interactive data from over 2,000 field trials at

1 BASF partially/fully sponsored University or Consultant small-plot replicated trials, 2017-19. Applications R3. Revytek fungicide 8 fl oz/A, Miravis Top 13.7 fl oz/A, Miravis Neo 13.7 fl oz/A, Delaro 8 fl oz/A, Lucento 5.5 fl oz/A, Quadris Top SBX 7 fl oz/A, Trivapro 13.7 fl oz/A, Stratego YLD 4 fl oz/A, Aproach Prima 6.8 fl oz/A.


2 BASF partially/fully sponsored University or Consultant small-plot replicated trials, 2013-19. Pair-wise comparisons by product with Veltyma fungicide 7 fl oz/A, Miravis Neo 13.7 fl oz/A, Quilt Xcel 10.5 fl oz/A, Trivapro 13.7 fl oz/A, Stratego YLD 4 fl oz/A, Delaro 8 fl oz/A or Aproach Prima 6.8 fl oz/A applied to VT-R1 corn.

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