Two super ingredients.

One super wheat fungicide. 

By combining two proven active ingredients, Sphaerex wheat fungicide provides excellent control of wheat head scab, reducing D.O.N more effectively than any other product. Get higher yields and the best quality wheat when it arrives at the grain elevator. 


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    Benefits of Sphaerex™ Fungicide

    ·        Two proven active ingredients — metconazole and prothioconazole — to protect your wheat and barley

    ·        Controls Fusarium head scab which leads to D.O.N.

    ·        Most effective D.O.N. reduction available

    ·        Preserves quality and yield potential and consistently delivers ROI

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    Witness the Power of Sphaerex Fungicide

    D.O.N. Rules More Wheat Fields Than Ever Before…

    A growing threat haunts America’s wheat fields. Head scab is the most aggressive wheat disease and decreases yield potential. The resulting D.O.N. toxin lowers the milling and baking quality of wheat flour, malting quality of barley, and feeding value of grain. The villain D.O.N. steals quality from your grain and money from your pocket.

    Only One Product is Powerful Enough to Defeat D.O.N.

    Introducing super Sphaerex wheat fungicide from BASF. With two proven active ingredients, it has head scab control power and brings down D.O.N. more effectively than any other fungicide. You work hard each season. Don’t let D.O.N. wreak havoc on your fields. The superpowered fungicide is here. 

    “Prothioconazole and metconazole tend to be the most effective triazoles that we have on the market when sprayed at early flowering and up to seven days later.” 

    –Andrew Friskop, Extension Plant Pathologiest, North Dakota State University

    Timing Is Everything

    When it comes to applying wheat fungicide and managing head scab, time is of the essence. Symptoms can develop as soon as 3 days after infection, and infections are most serious when anthers are exposed during flowering. Frequent rain and/or high humidity also promote head scab. Here are the best ways you can get head scab under control, thus lowering D.O.N. levels: 

    Wheat Image

    Resistant Varieties

    Make sure you plant varieties that show resistance to Fusarium head scab. 

    Tillage Practices

    Use tillage practices that completely bury crop residue or, for minimum or no-till, spread chaff, chop or grind corn residue. 

    Crop Rotation

    Rotate your cereal crop away from cereals or corn. 

    Fungicide Application

    Apply Sphaerex wheat fungicide at the early flowering stage. 

    Key Pests

    • Black point (kernel blight or smudge) [Alternaria spp., Cochliobolus sativus, Helminthosporium spp.]
    • Powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis)
    • Rust [Puccinia spp.]
    • Septoria blotch, speckled leaf spot [Septoria spp.]
    • Spot blotch [Cochliobolus sativus]
    • Stagonospora blotch [Parastagonospora nodorum]
    • Tan spot (yellow leaf spot) [Pyrenophora spp.]
    • Head scab (head blight) [Fusarium spp.]

    Sphaerex fungicide is currently registered for use on wheat but not for use on barley or oats and not available for sale for those additional uses. This information regarding the use of Sphaerex fungicide on barley or oats is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to promote the sale of this product for those additional uses. Any sale of this product after the registration is amended to add the additional uses shall be based solely on the EPA-approved product label, and any claims regarding product safety and efficacy for the additional uses shall be addressed solely by the label.

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