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Teraxxa Seed Treatment

Teraxxa F4 Seed Treatment

Teraxxa and Teraxxa F4 Seed Treatments eliminate wireworms attacking your cereal yield. Featuring a new active ingredient, Broflanilide, these seed treatments outperform and outlast neonicotinoid insecticides so your cereal crops have the best chances to succeed.

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Benefits of Teraxxa and Teraxxa F4 Seed Treatments

- The only seed treatments that eliminate wireworms
- Rapidly effective in the field
- Reduces resident wireworm populations and breaks their reproduction cycle


Open season on wireworms

Play the awesome arcade game that makes you the hero of wireworm destruction.

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    BASF seed treatments provide early protection for winter wheat

    Producers will be in the fields seeding winter wheat soon, according to Tracy Hillenbrand, BASF technical service representative.

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    See how Teraxxa Seed Treatment helps you defeat wireworms.

    BASF Technical Service Representative Ruhiyyih Dyrdahl-Young discusses wireworm damage to cereals and the options for growers.

    How Teraxxa and Teraxxa F4 Seed Treatments Work

    Doesn’t just intoxicate, eliminates.

    • Broflanilide, the active ingredient in Teraxxa and Teraxxa F4 Seed Treatments, eliminates wireworms in cereal crops by binding directly to a specific site on their central nervous system so they never have the chance to come back.


    Increased Yield Potential

    • Wireworms are small, but their impact is anything but. They can cause up to 50% in lost yield and stunt the growth of the remaining seedlings. Teraxxa and Teraxxa F4 Seed Treatments help maximize your yield potential by eliminating wireworms.


    Broad Spectrum Disease Control

    • Teraxxa F4 Seed Treatment goes further than just controlling wireworm populations. It utilizes four fungicide modes of action to protect against diseases such as Fusarium root rot and seedling blight so your crops have a healthy environment to grow.

    A New Mode of Action for True In-Season Control and Effective Management of Wireworms

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