Stamina® F4 Cereals Fungicide Seed Treatment

Stamina® F4 Cereals fungicide is the latest step forward in fungicide seed treatment. With four modes of action, it provides the best disease protection possible, along with Plant Health benefits. It starts the moment the seed hits the soil and works hard during critical early crop development stages.

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    Benefits of Stamina® F4 Cereals Fungicide Seed Treatment

    • Four-way disease protection​
    • Provides an earlier growing window​
    • Enhanced Fusarium and Rhizoctonia solani control​
    • F500® fungicide molecule provides plant health benefits​
    • Provides disease control, like cold and stress tolerance, and early vigor​
    • Improved yield stand and higher yield potential​
    • Lower freeze point for cold weather application


    How Stamina F4 Seed Treatment Works


    The first seed treatment engineered with Xemium® brand fungicide​

    The addition of Xemium brand fungicide adds unique plant mobility and translocation to ensure the fungicide spreads throughout the entire plant, from roots to shoots. This systemic disease protection delivers control above and below ground and allows for extended residual disease control. ​


    Xemium® Systemicity for Enhanced Disease Control​

    • Xemium Fungicide spreads throughout the entire seedling, roots and shoots ​
    • Plant-wide distribution ensures protection right from the initial developmental stages ​
    • Contributes to a better plant stand for a healthier crop and yield potential ​


    Stamina F4 Seed Treatment also contains the active ingredient F500® fungicide

    This additional active ingredient works with Xemium fungicide to deliver protection in the earliest development stages, which leads to improved stress and cold tolerance and more rapid emergence, the foundations for healthier crops, and better yield potential.​

    Increased Cold Emergence and Vigor

    Once the seed is in the ground, the only thing protecting it is the seed treatment. Stamina® F4 seed treatment applications have shown more rapid and increased emergence under disease pressure and stressful conditions. ​

    Treated v Untreated Wheat Plant

    Get 4-Way Disease Protection with Stamina F4 Seed Treatment


    1. Pyraclostrobin – Broad-spectrum disease control and cold tolerance​
    2. Fluxapyroxad – Systemic fungal disease protection​
    3. Metalaxyl – Control of Pythium and Phytophthora
    4. Triticonazole – Controls a broad range of smuts and bunts

    Disease Control by Mode of Action

    Stamina F4 Chart Table showing which modes of action are effective on various diseases.

    Stamina F4 Seed Treatment Wins on Vigor and Yield

    Winter Wheat Stamina Graph
    Winter Wheat Compilation Stamina Graph


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