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Relenya® Seed Treatment

Relenya is created to support cereal and soybean grain farmers looking for a powerful seed treatment to protect their crops. With Revysol® fungicide, it protects your seeds and root zones during early development stages and increases yield potential, even under different levels of disease pressure.

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    Benefits of Relenya® Seed Treatment

    • Boosts disease protection under Fusarium and Rhizoctonia pressure
    • Delivers long-lasting control of Dwarf Bunt
    • Promotes healthier, increased yield potential



    How Relenya Seed Treatment works:

    Powered by Revysol® fungicide

    • With its powerful fungicide, Relenya utilizes the only isopropanol-azole.

    Increased Disease Protection

    • Fusarium and Rhizoctonia have plagued crops for decades. Relenya boosts your crops’ disease protection so there’s nothing standing between you and a healthy yield. 


    Soybean Protection

    • Backed by Revysol, Relenya adds to a base foundation to protect against invading weeds. It partners with a base package to boost yield potential under varied levels of disease pressure.

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    Key Diseases Controlled:


    • Rhizoctonia solani; Fusarium spp.


    • ·Common root rot

             Bipolaris sorokiniana

    • Seed and seedling disease
    • Common bunt Tilletia caries
    • Dwarf bunt Tilletia controversa
    • Disease caused by Fusarium spp.
    • Disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani


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    Always read and follow label directions.