Prowl® H2O Herbicide

Prowl H2O herbicide is a water-based formulation, maximizing herbicide availability for residual weed control. Prowl H2O offers exceptional convenience, performance and crop safety for over 100 crops.

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    Benefits of Prowl® H2O Herbicide

    • Trusted herbicide with proven performance
    • Flexible application timing
    • Broad spectrum of crop uses
    • Does not require incorporation


    How Prowl H2O Herbicide Works
    Thorough, persistent and ravenous — the power of Prowl H2O herbicide is yours to unleash. A water-based formulation of pendimethalin, Prowl H2O is ideally suited for growers looking for long-lasting, dependable, broad-spectrum residual weed control. The innovative, water-based formulation maximizes herbicide availability for residual weed control through excellent surface stability and reduced binding to field residue.


    Prowl H2O offers exceptional convenience and crop safety benefits, including no odor, reduced staining, greater storage temperature flexibility, a lower use rate than other pendimethalins, no incorporation requirement and better performance in high-surface areas. Combine those features with the staying power to dramatically reduce weed escapes and the need for multiple applications, and it is no wonder that so many growers choose Prowl H2O to keep their crops cleaner and higher yielding — right up until harvest.


    Prowl H2O is registered in over 100 crops.

    It is an anniversary year! Prowl H2O celebrates 50 years of residual control of broadleaf weeds and grasses – THE CAT IS BACK.


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