Break Resistant Weeds

With Verdict® Powered by Kixor® Herbicide

Get a strong foundation for clean fields and maximum yields with longer residual control and rapid burndown. A non-HPPD pre-emergence herbicide for corn, Verdict herbicide helps stop HPPD-resistant weeds before they get to your field.

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    Benefits of Verdict® Powered by Kixor® Herbicide

    • Strong residual control for effective pre-emergence application
    • Non-HPPD chemistry helps stop growing HPPD resistance
    • Superior large-seeded broadleaf control that does not require atrazine
    • Mixable with liquid fertilizer
    • Low use rate

    How Verdict Herbicide Works

    Verdict herbicide is an enhanced pre-emergence herbicide for corn with residual and burndown capabilities that provides consistent control throughout the season.

    • Verdict herbicide provides a strong residual foundation
    • Powered by Kixor herbicide technology to deliver fast, complete burndown
    • A non-HPPD chemistry helps stop HPPD-resistant broadleaf weeds and grasses
    • Use pre-plant and pre-emergence with no restriction
    • Keep your operation efficient with a low use rate and liquid fertilizer capability
    • Labeled for corn, soybean and grain sorghum


    Always read and follow label directions.

    Verdict is a registered trademark of BASF. © 2022 BASF Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 

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