Save Time and Money with a Complete Corn Herbicide Offering From BASF

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When comparing weed control programs, it pays to give BASF solutions a second look. Corn farmers know the importance of maximizing every acre and finding ways to do more with less — less time, less money, less risk. BASF corn herbicide programs offer farmers agronomic advantages, including returns of up to $18 per acre1, depending on your existing program, and herbicide resistance management for cleaner fields, increased yield, and a strong foundation for future growing seasons.

BASF Corn Weed Control Solutions

A BASF weed control program starts with Verdict® herbicide, a non-HPPD pre-emergent herbicide for corn. This non-HPPD chemistry helps mitigate HPPD resistance, a growing concern for corn farmers. Stopping HPPD herbicide-resistant weeds like waterhemp before they get established helps protect in-season crops and the effectiveness of future herbicide applications. With multiple sites of action, rapid burndown, and up to eight weeks of residual activity, Verdict herbicide provides strong residual protection against broadleaf weeds and grasses.


Use Status® herbicide in a tank mix with Zidua® SC® herbicide for powerful early post-emerge protection. These post-emergent herbicides for corn help provide multiple modes of action to improve herbicide effectiveness. Status herbicide begins working within hours of application for fast and complete burndown of tough broadleaf weeds, while Zidua SC herbicide delivers long-lasting residual control, up to two weeks longer than many competitive products.

Benefits of a BASF Corn Weed Control Program

BASF products help corn farmers maximize the value of every acre for more productive yields and successful growing seasons. Compared to other corn solutions, BASF offers several key benefits for farmers.

Lower Use Rate

Farmers value a lower use rate, and the BASF corn herbicide program delivers. With BASF products, farmers can apply less chemical to their fields for more efficient applications, resulting in reduced overhead costs, more storage space and fewer refills in the field.


Fewer refills help farmers complete application in less time, reducing equipment hours and fuel costs. Farmers stated that a 20% reduction in product volume was worth $2 per acre.2

Reliable Activation

If farmers know the importance of getting the most out of every acre in today’s economy, they also know the volatility of today’s weather. Studies show that poor weed control can result in a 5% yield loss by the time corn receives a post-emerge application.3 Verdict herbicide delivers faster activation with less water, reducing dependence on unpredictable rain and costly irrigation for successful activation.

Resistance Management

Proactively rotating herbicide chemistry helps protect the weed control tools currently available to corn farmers and defend against the development of HPPD herbicide-resistant weeds. Because of the extremely limited number of non-HPPD solutions available, rotating away from HPPD herbicides is vital to protecting their efficacy.


Managing herbicide resistance has short- and long-term benefits. Studies have found that annualized returns for managing resistance can be 12% greater than ignoring resistance concerns. A weed control program that excludes an HPPD inhibitor can be a critical part of a comprehensive resistance management strategy.4

Decide Now to Get More Value From Your Corn Weed Control Program

Are you curious to see how the value of your current weed control program stacks up against a BASF complete corn herbicide offering? Use the BASF Grow Smart Advantage Tool to explore options for your farm. To get started with BASF solutions, contact your local representative or retailer today.

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