Versys® Inscalis® Brand Insecticide

Make Aphids Disappear

Versys insecticide Versys® insecticide is a powerful aphid insecticide for specific specialty crops, including leafy vegetables, brassica, and cole crops. With a unique mode of action classification (IRAC 9D), it effectively controls a variety of aphid species at all life stages with a fast onset of action to clean them out and protect crop quality.

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    Benefits of Versys® Inscalis® Brand Insecticide

    • Fast onset of action for rapid feeding cessation
    • Aphid control with strong residual activity
    • Unique (IRAC 9D) classification effectively controls aphids and takes resistance development pressure off of other products
    • Gentle on pollinators and beneficial insects to complement predatory control
    • Not a restricted use pesticide
    • Convenient 10-acre container size (at 1.5 fl oz/A rate)


    How Versys Insecticide Makes Aphids Disappear

    Versys insecticide is powered by Inscalis insecticide, an active ingredient with a novel mode of action classification (IRAC 9D). The chemistry disrupts the sensory responses of target insects and interferes with their feeding within 10 minutes. Versys insecticide is strong on targeted pests and gentle on beneficials and pollinators, with a favorable environmental profile.


    Aphid pressure changes from season to season, crop to crop, and region to region. Versys insecticide effectively controls the major aphid species at all life stages in leafy vegetable, brassica and cole crops. With a unique mode of action, application flexibility and 0-day PHI, Versys insecticide easily fits into your IPM program at any point in any season to stop aphid buildup and damage. This results in healthier, more vigorous plants to maximize yield and quality.


    Versys and Inscalis are registered trademarks of BASF. © 2022 BASF Corporation.

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    Aphid Control in Desert Produce Crops* Relative Efficacy Index

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