Sefina® Inscalis® Brand Insecticide

Strong on targeted insect pests, gentle on pollinators and beneficial insects

Sefina insecticide is a powerful tool designed to control key piercing and sucking insects in specific specialty and row crops, including citrus, fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, cotton and soybeans. With a unique mode of action classification (IRAC 9D), it provides rapid cessation of feeding by aphids, whiteflies and certain psyllids, including the Asian Citrus Psyllid, to stop feeding damage and limit pathogen transmission. Sefina insecticide is strong on insects and gentle on pollinators, with a favorable environmental profile.

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    Benefits of Sefina® Inscalis® Brand Insecticide

    • Fast onset of action
    • Residual control competitive with current standards
    • Unique mode of action class
    • No pollinator restrictions
    • Complements parasitic and predatory control
    • Not a restricted use pesticide

    How Sefina Insecticide Works

    Sefina insecticide is powered by Inscalis insecticide, an active ingredient with a novel mode of action classification (IRAC 9D). The chemistry disrupts the sensory responses of target insects, quickly stopping feeding and slowing the spread of vectored diseases. Sefina insecticide’s unique formulation exhibits translaminar and acropetal movement within the treated leaf and out toward the growing tip. This allows for more complete control of target pests on both the top and bottom of leaf surfaces. This results in healthier, more vigorous plants and can improve yield and lengthen the harvest window.

    Always read and follow label directions.

    Need an Inscalis insecticide for your leafy vegetables, brassica and pome and stone fruit crops?  Try Versys Inscalis Brand Insecticide!

    Versys insecticide is a powerful tool designed to control aphids in specific specialty crops, including brassica, cole crops, leafy vegetables, pome and stone fruits. With a unique mode of action classification (IRAC 9D), it provides rapid cessation of feeding, yet is gentle on pollinators and other beneficial insects.

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