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RenestraTM Insecticide 

When it comes to protecting your soybean crops, you can’t play the waiting game to see if you have pyrethroid resistant aphids. What you need is an insecticide that works well and works fast against aphids and other chewing insects.

And BASF’s new dual mode of action insecticide, Renestra™, does exactly that.

Benefits of RenestraTM Insecticide

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Fast-acting knockdown power paired with long-lasting residual control

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Broad-spectrum control of soybean aphid, including resistant species, as well as other chewing insects

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Two modes of action that can be easily incorporated into your farm plans


How RenestraTM Insecticide Works

By combining traditional pyrethroid chemistry with Inscalis™ – the newest site of action available for soybeans – Renestra™ Insecticide is able to deliver fast-acting results on a broad spectrum of harmful insects while still providing long-lasting residual control for soybean crops.
And with its new dual mode of action, Renestra™ Insecticide is able to eliminate resistant and non-resistant soybean aphids in addition to other feeding insects. That way, farmers can always count on it to get rid of tough pests and to keep their crops protected for the long run.

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Renestra Insecticide is U.S. EPA registered. Not registered in all states. Renestra is a trademark of BASF.

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