Take yields to
another level.

Nodulator® Duo solid-core granular
inoculant for peas and lentils.

Nodulator® Duo SCG

Solid-core Granular Pea and Lentil Inoculant

Want maximized yield potential? Try Nodulator Duo solid core granular (SCG) inoculant for peas and lentils — a next-level inoculant combining a very active strain of rhizobium with a revolutionary root-strengthening biofilm. Together, this powerful pairing enhances nodulation and protects roots from stresses in the soil, enabling plants to direct more energy to growth.

How that benefits your plants:

- Stronger root systems

- Better nutrient uptake

- Enhanced seed emergence

Better Application Delivery

On top of better results, Nodulator Duo SCG also comes in a technologically advanced free-flowing solid core granular carrier for precise in-furrow application. That means greater convenience and compatibility with planting equipment.

Benefits of solid core granular.

- Technologically advanced multilayered granular carrier for rhizobia

- Engineered to deliver more viable rhizobia directly where needed most

- Durable, uniformly sized, dust-free formulation for greater ease of use

Bacilus subtilis (biofilm) helps the root system rapidly develop, resulting in increased:

- Nutrient/water uptake

- Abiotic stress tolerance

- Rhizobial health and performance — a mutually beneficial relationship



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