Obvius® Plus Fungicide Seed Treatment

Having the ability to plant earlier with soybeans, protected by Obvius Plus fungicide seed treatment, delivers unmatched results. It promotes higher yields and delivers the critical protection soybeans need at this earlier plant development stage when the seedlings are fragile.

Benefits of Obvius® Plus Fungicide Seed Treatment

  • This unique formulation contains four active ingredients working together to provide powerful disease control and early-season stress tolerance
  • BASF Plant Health benefits, including faster emergence and vigorous plants, help growers get soybean crops successfully established for maximum yield potential
  • The long-lasting disease protection works against Phytophthora, Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia

Getting the highest possible soybean yield requires getting as much sunlight as possible into the plant canopy to begin the process of photosynthesis early in the growing season. Soybeans planted earlier utilize more solar radiation during critical growth phases, enabling an increase in the number of main stem nodes for more plentiful pod development.


While early planting allows soybeans to intercept more sunlight, early-season conditions can also pose difficulties for young seedlings like environmental stressors and disease pressures. To optimize the benefit of early planting, it’s critical to minimize the risk of damage from disease and maximize the plant’s ability to overcome those risks.

Four-way disease protection

Proven protection against Phytophthora, Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia

  • Xemium® fungicide
    • Long-lasting, systemic disease protection
  • F500® fungicide
    • Early-season disease control and stress tolerance
  • Metalaxyl
    • Protection from critical diseases in cool, damp soils
  • Thiophanate-methyl
    • Defense against seed decays

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