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Help keep late season pigweed away from
your soybean fields

Late-emerging pigweed stalking your fields? Add a BASF residual to your soybean post-herbicide application to keep them away through canopy. With strong protection from Outlook® Herbicide and Zidua® SC Herbicide, pigweed will have to find some other field to terrorize.




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Zidua® SC residual control lasts up to two weeks longer than many competitive products, with a broad spectrum of control, better soil stability, and a use rate up to 10x lower than many other Group 15 herbicides.

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Outlook® Herbicide provides powerful, consistent control of grasses and broadleaf weeds with as little as ¼ inch of rainfall, making it 2.5 times more likely to activate than many competitive products.

BASF post-residual herbicides deliver:

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Compatible with post tank-mix partners to meet field-specific weed control needs

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Broad spectrum control of broadleaf weeds and grasses

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Lower use rate for easy handling


Protect with a post-residual
across trait platforms

Add Outlook® or Zidua® SC post-residual herbicides to the tank with Liberty® or
Engenia® foundational herbicides to get longer-lasting control of pigweed, including
herbicide-resistant varieties.

Add a post-residual to the tank with Liberty® Herbicide

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Liberty® Herbicide delivers superior weed control with excellent performance on key driver weeds, greater application flexibility and unmatched convenience, with no known weed resistance in U.S. row crops.

Add a post-residual to the tank with Engenia® Herbicide

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Engenia® Herbicide is the most flexible and advanced dicamba for dicamba-tolerant soybeans. Get the weed control you’ve been missing.






Always read and follow label directions. Zidua, Outlook, Liberty, and Engenia are registered trademarks of BASF. Engenia Herbicide is a US EPA Restricted Use Pesticide.

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