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Application Best Practices

Help keep late season pigweed away from
your soybean fields

Late-emerging pigweed stalking your fields? Add a BASF residual to your soybean post-herbicide application to keep them away through canopy. With strong protection from Outlook® Herbicide and Zidua® SC Herbicide, pigweed will have to find some other field to terrorize.

BASF post-residual herbicides deliver:

Lightning bolt with arrows pointing around it in a circular motion with a green background


Compatible with post tank-mix partners to meet field-specific weed control needs

Three connecting hexagons, one with a leaf illustration within it, with a green background


Broad spectrum control of broadleaf weeds and grasses

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Lower use rate for easy handling



Zidua® SC residual control lasts up to two weeks longer than many competitive products, with a broad spectrum of control and a use rate up to 10x lower than many other Group 15 herbicides.


Zidua® SC Herbicide Provides Better Residual Control

Zidua® Herbicide

Dual II Magnum® Herbicide

Location: Murray, KY. Products/rates: Zidua WG herbicide 1.33 oz/A(Zidua SC herbicide equivalent = 2.22 fl oz/A) vs Dual II Magnum herbicide 21 oz/A (both Applied Early POST with Liberty® 32 oz/A V3 soybeans). Weeds: Palmer amaranth and Goosegrass. 28 days after early post treatment. BASF Sponsored Research Trials, 2014.




Outlook® Herbicide provides powerful, consistent control of grasses and broadleaf weeds with as little as ¼ inch of rainfall, making it up to 2.5 times more likely to activate than many competitive products*.

*Based on 10 year weather data analysis showing probability of 0.25” rain vs. 1.0” rain, ZedX inc.


Outlook® Herbicide Provides Powerful and Consistent Control of Pigweed

Application Best Practices

Zidua SC

Best Use Recommendation

Use Rate: 1.75 - 5.75 fl oz / A

Application Timing: Fall, Preplant, Preemergence and Postemergence

  • Use rate is dependent on soil texture and application timing. Please consult label for appropriate application rate in your field.

Equivalent Use Rates by Formulation

General Information:

  • Tank mix order: Always follow mixing instructions on the product label. Include Zidua SC herbicide before adding soluble liquids like glyphosate and Engenia® herbicide.

  • Liquid fertilizer as carrier: Zidua SC herbicide may be applied in water or in sprayable liquid nitrogen fertilizer solutions. Zidua SC herbicide may also be applied impregnated on dry bulk fertilizers.


Best Use Recommendation 

  • Application Rates:* 10 to 16 fl oz/A

  • Use higher rates for high weed populations and/or longer residual activity in wide rows

  • A postemerge herbicide tank mix partner is required to control emerged weeds

  • Adjuvants determined by tank mix partner

Application Timing 

  • PREplant

  • PREemerge

  • POSTemerge (cracking to 5th trifoliate)

*Outlook herbicide may be used in a split application program. If applications are two weeks or more apart, a total Outlook herbicide use rate of up to 24

fl oz/A may be used per year.

Protect with a post-residual

across trait platforms

Add Outlook® or Zidua® SC post-residual herbicides to the tank with Liberty® or
Engenia® foundational herbicides to get longer-lasting control of pigweed, including
herbicide-resistant varieties.

Add a post-residual to the tank with Liberty® Herbicide

Two men standing in a crop field and talking to each other


Liberty® Herbicide delivers excellent performance on key driver weeds, greater application flexibility and unmatched convenience.

Add a post-residual to the tank with Engenia® Herbicide

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Engenia® Herbicide is the most flexible and advanced dicamba for dicamba-tolerant soybeans. Get the weed control you’ve been missing.



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Always read and follow label directions. Zidua, Outlook, Liberty, and Engenia are registered trademarks of BASF. Engenia Herbicide is a US EPA Restricted Use Pesticide.
A pH buffering adjuvant, like Sentris™ Buffering Technology, is required in every application of Engenia® herbicide.

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