Celebrating 100 Years of Stoneville® Cotton

We've come a long way since 1922, but our commitment to people, product, and progress has never wavered. Stoneville cotton is celebrating 100 years of dependable results, 100 years of leading the industry, and 100 years of helping growers own the early. Here's to 100 more.


Committed to People

Our founders worked hard to make a positive difference in the lives of growers, industry partners, and the cotton community as a whole. A century later, our employees continue that legacy for thousands of families across the country.

Committed to Cotton

For 100 years, Stoneville has set the standard for the industry with high-quality, high-performing cottonseed varieties. We have a legacy of helping farmers start strong and win their growing seasons by providing the best seed for each local area.

Committed to Progress

From being the world's first company to commercialize genetically engineered cottonseed to moving to a 230k seed-count bag, Stoneville cotton has a 100-year legacy of innovation. And we're still committed to progress with our next innovation on the horizon. *For the 2023 season, BASF will introduce Stoneville cotton seed powered by the new Axant Flex technology, the industry's first quadruple-stacked herbicide-tolerant cottonseed to work with its first-generation HPPD herbicide technology in cotton, Alite™ 27 herbicide.1


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Father/Daughter Team Rocks Cotton in Arizona

"We planted ST 4990B3XF on our winning cotton block," Bailee says. "It was a great fit in our operation and exceeded all our expectations."


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Stoneville® Cotton

Strong starts happen with Stoneville cotton. Designed to get crops out of the ground and establish healthy stands quicker, Stoneville cotton dlievers protection against key weeds and insects to maximize your yield potential.

Axant Flex Technology

We know how important it is for growers to protect their fields from resistant weeds. That's why BASF is excited to introduce Axant Flex herbicide trait technology — cotton's first and only quad-stacked herbicide trait  package.

Engenia® Herbicide

To give growers the weed control they've been missing. BASF created Engenia herbicide – the most flexible and advanced dicamba for dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton.

Liberty® Herbicide

Liberty herbicide | BASF Agriculture Liberty herbicide is the weed management system with a different chemistry and unique site of action that kills tough, resistant weeds in days, not weeks.

1 Alite™ 27 herbicide (EPA Reg. No. 7969-433) is not registered for use on isoxaflutole-reisistant cotton not available for sale for such use. Information on using Alite 27 herbicide on isoxaflutable-reisistant cotton is provided for educational purposes  only and is not intended to promote the sale of the product. Any sale of Alite 27 herbicide after registration is obtained for use on isoxaflutole-resistant cotton shall be based soley  on the EPA-approved product label, and any claims regarding product safety and efficacy shall be addressed solely by the label.

Engenia herbicide is a US EPA Restricted Use Pesticide.

Alite 27 herbicide,a US EPA Restricted Use Pestticide, is currently labeled soley for weed control in isoxaflutole-resistant soybean grown in select countries in certain states. This product is not labeled for use on isoxaflutole-resistant cotton. 

*This BASF website is intended to drive awareness and educate the cotton industry on Axant Flex. This is not intended as an offer to sell Axant Flex to Stoneville cotton seed with the Axant Flex trait before all regulatory approvals necessary to support its intended use are met, including the US EPA registration of Alite 27  herbicide of isoxaflutole-resistant cotton.

Always read and follow label directions. Stoneville Legacy Club, Shared Risk, Axant, and Alite are trademarks,  and Stoneville is a registered trademark of BASF. ©20121 BASF Corporation . All rights reserved.