Be victorious this harvest

You combine hard work, grit, and passion to grow the best cotton. We give you a powerhouse of cotton postemergence and residual herbicides to defend your crop against tough weeds. When used in combination, Liberty®, Engenia®, Outlook®, and Zidua® SC herbicides enable a high-performing systems approach to maximize weed control & minimize resistance.

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Pair knockdown chemistry with residuals.

Find a new sense of power.

You face a lot of challenges as a cotton farmer. Battling resistant weeds, week in and week out, proves to be one of your toughest tasks. That's why you need the most aggressive, effective in-season weed control cotton herbicide program. Liberty, Engenia, Outlook, and Zidua SC herbicides create a complete and powerful cotton weed control program to manage weeds.


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Liberty herbicide means more freedom.

Conquer this cotton season with greater control

- Excellent control of tough weeds, like Palmer amaranth & kochia with broad spectrum performance on both broadleaves and grasses

- Ease of application through traditional label requirements—proven formulation provides reliable, consistent performance—backed by the Liberty Weed Control Guarantee

-  Flexibility to use on your trait system—including LibertyLInk®, Enlist, and XtendFlex® cotton traits


Engenia Herbicide logo

A safer, more powerful dicamba formulation

Stand taller with an over-the-top dicamba that enables more acre coverage, more efficiently.

- Advanced dicamba formulation for dicamba-tolerant cotton

- Lowest use rate available and lowest volatility dicamba salt to reduce potential for off-target movement

- Eliminates Palmer amaranth and pigweed that have become increasingly resistant to other herbicides


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Gain the convenience of flexible application windows along with activation reliability.

- Arm yourself with the most reliable residual control

- Powerful, consistent control of waterhemp, pigweed and nightshade, while delivering excellent crop safety

- Reliable activation with as little as 1/4 inch of rainfall

 - Low use rate

- Application flexibility across crops and timings


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Experience long-lasting residual activity and broad spectrum weed control

Don't let late seasons weeds boss around you or your cotton this season

- Superior Palmer amaranth and waterhemp control

- Lasts up to two weeks longer residual weed control than other herbicides

- Low use rate: As little as 1/20 the use rate of other residual herbicides


Recommended herbicide programs for your cotton trait package

Powerful post-program with effective knockdown + residual herbicides carry your weed control and manage resistance through the season.

The powerful herbicide combinations

that put growers in charge of the season.

Justin Ling

Meet the real-life

Justin Ling, Cotton Farmer


“The Liberty, Engenia and Outlook herbicide combo is better at combating the Palmer amaranth issues I have than other weed control programs I’ve used in the past. (It’s) the most effective program out there for cotton. Ling also adds , "timing and coverage (of application) and spraying Liberty with at least 20 gallons of water is key, as is getting to weeds when they are small. I know these products work and trust in the efficacy, easy and effectiveness time and time again."

When it comes to cotton, we've got you covered


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Engenia herbicide is a U.S. EPA Restricted Use Pesticide. Every application of Engenia herbicide requires the use of a pH buffering adjuvant such as AEGOS Buffering Technology. Additional state restrictions may apply.


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