You face a lot of challenges as a cotton farmer.


Battling resistant weeds in all kinds of weather conditions, week in and week out, is one of your toughest assignments. That's why you need an aggressive, effective in-season weed control program. This trio gives you a powerful combination of post herbicides, each with a different mode of action, to combat tough weeds.


Liberty® Herbicide

Liberty® herbicide provides the freedom to use across your cotton acres, and today’s trait platforms, to help your crop reach its fullest potential.

•    Superior weed control as the broadest spectrum herbicide, with no known resistance in U.S row crops


•    Trait flexibility with freedom to use on today’s cotton traits including LibertyLink®, Xtendflex®, and Enlist™ cotton


•    Proven formulation provides reliable, consistent performance and is backed by the Liberty Weed Control Guarantee, when used in a program with residual herbicides

 England, Arkansas, United States of America

Engenia® Herbicide

Enjoy the peace of mind of a safer, more powerful dicamba formulation.

•    Most advanced dicamba formulation for dicamba-tolerant cotton


•    Lowest use rate available and lowest volatility dicamba salt to reduce potential for off-target movement


•    Eliminates Palmer amaranth and pigweed that have become increasingly resistant to other herbicides

Outlook® Herbicide

Gain the convenience of flexible application windows along with activation reliability.

•    Powerful, consistent season-long control of waterhemp, pigweed and nightshade, while delivering excellent crop safety


•    Reliable activation with as little as 1/4 inch of rainfall


•    Low use rate


•    Application flexibility across crops and timings

Engenia Herbicide is a US EPA Restricted Use Pesticide.
Always read and follow label directions.

Engenia, Liberty and Outlook are registered trademarks of BASF.

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