Cabrio® EG Fungicide

Cabrio EG fungicide is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum fungicide with a high level of activity on major diseases that threaten crop yield and quality. Cabrio is registered for use on more than 70 crops to control over 30 diseases.

Benefits of Cabrio® EG Fungicide

  • Fits easily into integrated pest management program
  • Trusted valuable product with proven performance
  • Long-lasting residual

How Cabrio® EG Fungicide Works
Cabrio® is a strobulirin or QOI (Quinone Outside Inhibitor) fungicide. It actively prevents energy production within mitochondria, effectively stopping any cellular activity within the fungal cells. Cabrio offers extended residual protection and functions as a preventive fungicide (stopping infection and/or reinfection by prohibiting the germination of fungal spores).


Always read and follow label directions.

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