Poncho® Votivo® Corn & Soy Seed Treatment


Poncho Votivo corn and soy seed treatment is part of a family of seed treatments that has protected young plants on most of the corn acres in America. It helps keep plants safe from some of the most damaging pests during critical early development stages, helping deliver higher yield potential.

The Official Corn Seed Treatment of the Field of Dreams

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    Benefits of Poncho® Votivo® Seed Treatment

    • Immediate protection against a wide range of insects from the moment the seed is planted
    • Living barrier protects against plant pathogenic nematodes
    • Increased yield potential by improving root health and a more vigorous, uniform crop

    How Poncho Votivo Seed Treatment Works


    Poncho Votivo seed treatment employs a biological mode of action with a unique bacteria strain that lives and grows with young roots, creating a living barrier that prevents nematodes from causing damage. Poncho Votivo seed treatment works to protect the whole plant, above and below ground. It contains a systemic agent that is absorbed by roots immediately, so pests do not get the opportunity to strike.


    Poncho seed treatment provides broad-spectrum insect control while the bacteria in Votivo seed treatment create a living barrier around the seed which lives and grows with the roots for at least 60 days, protecting against up to two generations of nematodes.


    It delivers a 5.1 bu/A average yield advantage in corn versus Poncho 250* seed treatment in over 900 field trials conducted between 2007 and 2017 across a wide range of geographies with varying insect and nematode pressures. Trials in 2015–2017 show a win rate of over 83% over Poncho 250 seed treatment.


    In 561 soybean field trials conducted between 2010 and 2016 across a wide geography, Poncho Votivo seed treatment resulted in an average yield advantage of 1.3 bu./A., when compared to Gaucho®*.


    From seed germination to plant establishment, Poncho Votivo seed treatment secures a foundation for the best yields.

    Key Pests


    • Aphid
    • Aphid, Black Bean
    • Aphid, Corn Leaf
    • Aphid, English Grain
    • Aphid, Sugarcane
    • Aphid, Yellow Sugarcane



    • Beetle Larva, Japanese
    • Beetle Larva, June
    • Beetle Larva, May
    • Beetle, Bean Leaf
    • Beetle, Corn Flea
    • Beetle, Flea
    • Beetle, Grape Colaspis
    • Beetle, Red Flour
    • Beetle, Rusty Grain
    • Beetle, Southern Corn Leaf
    • Beetle, Sugarcane
    • Borer, Lesser Grain



    • Chafer Larva, European
    • Chinch Bug
    • Cutworm, Black



    • Grape Colaspis
    • Greenbug
    • Grub, White



    • Leafhopper
    • Leafminer



    • Maggot, Seedcorn
    • Maggot, Sugar Beet Root
    • Moth, Indian Meal



    • Nematode, Dagger
    • Nematode, False Root-Knot
    • Nematode, Lance
    • Nematode, Lesion
    • Nematode, Needle
    • Nematode, Pin
    • Nematode, Reniform
    • Nematode, Ring
    • Nematode, Root Lesion
    • Nematode, Root-Knot
    • Nematode, Soybean Cyst
    • Nematode, Spiral
    • Nematode, Sting
    • Nematode, Stubby Root
    • Nematode, Stunt
    • Nematode, Sugar Beet Cyst



    • Rootworm, Southern Corn



    • Springtail, Subterranean
    • Stinkbug, Southern Green



    • Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper
    • Thrips



    • Weevil, Rice
    • Wireworm (corn, sorghum)
    • Needle nematode (corn)
    • Root-lesion nematode (corn)
    • Early-season aphids (soybean)
    • Overwintering bean leaf beetle (soybean)
    • Soybean cyst nematode (soybean)
    • Root-knot nematode (cotton, soybean, corn, sorghum)
    • Reniform nematode (cotton, soybean)
    • Aphids including Sugarcane aphid (sorghum)
    • Seedcorn maggot (corn, soybean)
    • See label for additional pests


    Always read and follow label directions. Poncho and Votivo are a registered trademark of BASF. ©2021 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Gaucho is a registered trademark of Bayer AG.