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Poncho® XC Seed Treatment

From a family of seed treatments with an unmatched reputation, Poncho XC seed treatment is fast-acting, early season pest control for soybean and cereal grain growers looking for healthier fields and yields. Besides its long-lasting protection from a broad spectrum of above and below ground pests, it also promotes healthier roots, vigor and yield.

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    Benefits of Poncho® XC Seed Treatment

    • Higher average yield over competitive products

    • Fast-acting, immediate protection from a broad range of chewing and sucking soil and leaf pests.

    • Long-lasting protection of seeds and young plants.

    • Promotes higher yields through a healthier root system and a more vigorous and uniform crop.


    How it works:

    The next from a name you can trust.

    Poncho is a namesake with a legendary track record. Now that name is taking on the aphids, hessian flies and grasshoppers that won’t step foot on your cereal grain fields. 

    Whole Plant Protection 

    Clothianidin (Poncho XC’s active ingredient) metabolizes in plants to both repel pests and degenerate pest health. So pests never get a chance to strike. 

    Less pests, healthier roots

    Allows for stronger, healthier roots. Leading to more vigor, stronger stands and better, healthier yields. 


    Key Pests

    Aphid, Aphid (Bird Cherry-Oat), Aphid (Corn Leaf), Aphid (English Grain), Aphid (Russian Wheat), Aphid (Sugarcane), Aphid (Yellow Sugarcane)


    Beetle Larva (Japanese), Beetle (Larva June), Beetle Larva (May), Beetle (Corn Flea), Beetle (Flea), Beetle (Red Flour), Beetle (Rusty Grain), Beetle (Southern Corn Leaf), Beetle (Sugarcane), Billbug (Southern Corn), Borer (Lesser Grain), Bug (Black Grass)


    Chafer Larva (European), Chinch Bug, Cutworm (Black), Cutworm (Black Granulate)


    Fly (Hessian)


    Grape Colaspis, Grasshopper, Greenbug, Grub (White)


    Insect (Grain Storage)


    Maggot (Seedcorn), Moth (Indian Meal)


    Rootworm (Corn), Rootworm (Mexican Corn), Rootworm (Northern Corn), Rootworm (Southern Corn), Rootworm (Western Corn)


    Stinkbug, Southern Green




    Weevil (Rice), Weevil (Rice Water), Wireworm

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