Vault® IP Plus Seed Treatment

Introducing a fully dimensional soybean inoculant. Vault IP Plus seed treatment augments best-in-class nitrogen fixation with a unique EPA-registered dual-strain biofungicide and the lowest application rate in its class. These three dimensions deliver increased overall nodulation, extra protection from soil-borne diseases and more room on the seed for other treatments.

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    Benefits of Vault® IP Plus Seed Treatment

    • Proven, highly effective rhizobia strain that increases overall nodulation and maximizes nitrogen fixation potential
    • Two active biologicals for improved fungicidal activity that provides extended soil-borne disease protection
    • More vigorous roots, increased nutrient uptake and healthier plants
    • Vault IP Plus seed treatment comes in less packaging, which means less waste, and a larger case size of 800 units. (we heard you, retailers)


    How Vault IP Plus seed treatment works

    To maximize yield potential, soybean crops require a lot of nitrogen — and up to 60% comes from beneficial rhizobia bacteria. Vault IP Plus seed treatment is a seed inoculant that delivers guaranteed fresh, high rhizobial counts each season to help ensure effective nitrogen fixation and improved yield performance. Plus, the dual-strain biofungicide helps extend protection from key fungal root diseases. Vault IP Plus seed treatment is the new standard to inoculate and protect soybean seeds.


    Fresh formulation for superior performance

    Nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria are living organisms, and their numbers can be reduced over time if the bacteria are subjected to storage or temperature variations. The rhizobia bacteria in Vault IP Plus seed treatment are produced fresh for each growing season to avoid any loss in bacterial count in the product and to ensure superior performance in the field.


    Vault IP Plus seed treatment delivers:

    • Nitrogen-fixing Bradyrhizobium japonicum rhizobial strain, produced fresh each season
    • A guaranteed fresh, high rhizobial count of at least 10 billion (1x1010) cells per mL at labeled expiration
    • New EPA registered dual-strain biofungicide that forms a living shield around the roots
    • Compatible with a range of seed treatments
    • Lowest application rate in its class at 1.1 fl. oz/cwt

    Healthy roots and nodulation are keys to success

    Fresh, active rhizobia bacteria create healthy nodules for maximum nitrogen fixation. And healthy, vigorous roots can improve water and nutrient uptake. Both are the strong foundation for leveraging a soybean plant’s full genetic potential. That’s why it’s important to get each plant off to a strong start every season with the inoculation and protection benefits of the new Vault IP Plus seed treatment.


    Always read and follow label directions. Vault is a registered trademark of BASF. ©2021 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.

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