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The new FM 823AXTP variety with Axant™ Flex TwinLink® Plus technologies from FiberMax cotton delivers for growers in the high plains and rolling plains of Texas and Oklahoma, as well as the far west regions. This new variety offers three-gene lepidopteran resistance, medium maturity, excellent storm tolerance and a high gin turnout potential. Disease package offers resistance to root-knot nematodes, bacterial blight, and good Verticillium wilt tolerance.


  • Axant Flex TwinLink Plus technologies
  • Resistance to bacterial blight
  • Good Verticillium wilt tolerance
  • Good root-knot nematode reisistance
  • High gin turnout potential
  • Good fit on dryland and irrigated
  • Excellent storm tolerance*
  • Three-gene lepidopteran resistance, which decreases the likelihood that addtional worm control measures will be needed

Geographic Region:

  • High Plains
  • Rolling Plains of Texas and Oklahoma
  • Far West

Variety Characteristics

Leaf Pubescence SEMI-SMOOTH
Maturity** MID
Height/Growth Habit SHORT/COMPACT
Storm Tolerance* 6.5

Disease Resistance

Root-Knot Nematode/Fusarium Wilt Resistance GOOD
Verticillium Wilt Tolerance GOOD
Bacterial Blight Resistance RESISTANT

Fiber Quality

Length 1.14
Uniformity 82.4
Strength 31.0
Micronaire 4.28

*Storm Tolerance Rating Scale: 9 very storm-tolerant; 0 very loose.

**Relative maturity can vary based on on management practices, environmental conditions and geographic regions. Descriptions and values reported are to give a relative comparison among varieties. Actual values will be influenced by growing conditions.

FM 823AXTP Dryland Table
FM 823AXTP Limited Irrigation Table
FM 823axtp Irrigation Table


1 Availability of cottonseed containing the Axant™ Flex technology for the 2024 growing season and beyond is subject to many factors, and such seed may not be available in all cotton-growing areas. Commercial sales of cottonseed containing the Axant Flex technology will be subject to contractual terms and conditions and stewardship obligations, which may include among other requirements restrictions on where the crop resulting from such seed may be sold, transferred and/or exported. Alite™ 27 herbicide (EPA Reg. No. 7969-433) is not registered for use on isoxaflutole-tolerant cotton nor available for sale for such use. Information on using Alite 27 herbicide on isoxaflutole-tolerant cotton is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to promote the sale of this product. Any sale of Alite 27 herbicide after registration is obtained for use on isoxaflutole-tolerant cotton shall be based solely on the EPA-approved product label, and any claims regarding product safety and efficacy shall be addressed solely by the label.


Individual results may vary. Information provided is based on experience with tests, trials, or practices as well as general observations. BASF does not guarantee the results noted above and grower is solely responsible for farming management practices and decisions, including, without limitation, selecting seed best suitable for the intended growth and use under grower’s local conditions.


Alite 27 herbicide and Engenia® herbicide are US EPA Restricted-Use Pesticides. Every application of Engenia herbicide requires the use of an approved pH buffering adjuvant such as AEGOS Buffering Technology. Additional state restrictions may apply.


Alite 27 herbicide, a US EPA Restricted-Use Pesticide, is currently labeled solely for weed control in GT27 or isoxaflutole-tolerant soybean grown in select counties in certain states. This product is not labeled for use on isoxaflutole-tolerant cotton.


After EPA approval of Alite 27 herbicide (EPA Reg. No.7969-433) registration allowing use on isoxaflutole-resistant cotton, Alite 27 herbicide may only be used on GT27 or isoxaflutole-resistant soybean or isoxaflutole-resistant cotton. Crops not containing a gene expressing an HPPD protein will not be tolerant of Alite 27 herbicide.


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