Versys™ Inscalis® Brand Insecticide

Versys insecticide is a powerful tool designed to control aphids in specific specialty crops, including brassica, cole crops, leafy vegetables, pome and stone fruits. With a unique mode of action, it provides rapid cessation of feeding, yet is gentle on bees and other beneficial insects.

Benefits of Versys™ Inscalis® Brand Insecticide

  • Quickly stops feeding damage and pathogen transmission
  • Allows for longer harvest window and better crop quality
  • Can be immediately integrated into a current insecticide program
  • Application freedom with a pollinator safety mindset

How Versys Insecticide Works
Versys insecticide is powered by Inscalis insecticide, an active ingredient with a novel mode of action. The chemistry disrupts the sensory responses of target insects, quickly stopping feeding and slowing the spread of diseases. Versys insecticide’s unique formulation exhibits translaminar and acropetal movement within the treated leaf and out toward the growing tip. This allows for more complete control of target pests on both the top and bottom of leaf surfaces. This results in healthier, more vigorous plants and ca improve yield and lengthen the harvest window.


Always read and follow label directions.

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