Merivon® Xemium® Brand Fungicide

Merivon fungicide is a powerful tool for disease protection in almonds, strawberries, leafy vegetables and pome and stone fruits, such as apples and cherries.

Benefits of Merivon® Xemium® Brand Fungicide

  • Long-lasting, broad spectrum disease protection
  • Provides advanced plant health benefits
  • More consistent performance than competitve products
  • Drives market-leading yields

How Merivon® Fungicide Works
Merivon is powered by Xemium® fungicide, an active ingredient that continuously distributes its chemistry throughout the leaf to deliver longer-lasting disease protection. Merivon is a combination of Xemium and pyraclostrobin. This combination delivers longer-lasting disease protection, advanced plant health benefits and healthier, higher-quality fruit.


Field trials have demonstrated that Merivon consistently delivers high-quality crops and market-leading yields.


Consult with your State Regulatory Agency regarding the status of registration of Merivon fungicide in your State.


Always read and follow label directions.

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