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FiberMax® Cotton

For superior fiber quality even in the toughest growing conditions, you can count on FiberMax® cotton seed. As Tough As You Are.

Benefits of FiberMax® Cotton

  • Modern Germplasm: Groundbreaking tools and techniques that introduce regionally relevant characteristics into cotton varieties
  • Custom Varieties: Seed packages that deliver resilient performance under tough conditions to manage nematode, insect and disease pressures.
  • Trait Choices: A full stack of options to help you deal with pest problems and resistance issues.
  • People Power: Tap into a team of cotton experts who offer customized field recommendations using local agronomic knowledge.

Choose FiberMax Varieties

Premium quality. Maximum quantity. FiberMax cotton seed varieties deliver premium quality and high yield potential in a trait package with pest management tools tailored to control your toughest weeds and insects.

For Premium Quality

Because FiberMax consistently delivers high-quality lint cotton, growers who plant FiberMax increase their opportunity to earn premium prices.

For High Yield


The FiberMax® One Ton Club™ now includes 1,084 growers, all of whom qualified for membership by harvesting more than 2,000 pounds per acre on at least 20 acres planted to FiberMax. Most One Ton Club members harvested those yields in more than one year, with a good number qualifying in five years or more. No other cottonseed brand has documented that level of yield among so many growers.

For Risk Management

Growers who plant FiberMax varieties receive economic support for their sustainability. The Shared Risk™ Program offers replant, crop loss and dryland protection for economic sustainability.

For Weed & Pest Management

Growers can use premium seed treatments for essential protection from nematodes and early-season disease and insects. Flexible, proven weed control is in the FiberMax cotton seed bag through the GlyTol® and LibertyLink® traits that allow over-the-top application at full label rates of Liberty® herbicide and glyphosate. Industry-leading worm control is in the FiberMax cotton seed bag with two- and three-gene worm resistance traits.

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Always read and follow label directions. FiberMax is a registered trademark of BASF. ©2021 BASF Corporation.


The toughest seeds. The strongest yield potential. FiberMax cotton is built for whatever weather, pests or diseases come knocking.

As Tough As You Are.

Cotton Planting Forecasting

Don't let our soft side fool you. For superior fiber quality even in the toughest growing conditions, you can count on FiberMax® cotton seed.

As Tough As You Are.

One Ton Club™

High yield. High quality. Celebrated success. The One Ton Club™ celebrates growers who average 2,000 lb/A or more on 20 or more acres. Entries for 2020 have closed.

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