Alite 27TM Herbicide

Elite Genetics. Alite Weed Control. A New Residual Site of Action for Soybeans

Recharge your soybean herbicide pre-emergence program with Alite 27 herbicide — powered by the LibertyLink® GT27™ soybean performance system.

Alite 27 herbicide amps up the performance of your traditional pre-emergence soybean program by delivering:

Recharge on emerged weeds

Residual consistency and spectrum on broadleaves and grasses, including weeds resistant to glyphosate

Resistance management with a new site of action to soybeans

Benefits of Alite 27  Herbicide

  • Alite 27 herbicide recharges with just a half inch of water to provide better control of weeds that emerge prior to herbicide activation.
  • Residual Consistency: Your residual herbicide should be consistent across a broad spectrum of weeds — from grasses to small-seeded broadleaves like waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, to large-seeded broadleaves like giant ragweed — across a variety of weather patterns. Adding Alite 27 herbicide to your pre emergence program provides more consistent performance.
  • Resistance Management: Adding Alite 27 herbicide to your pre-emergence program, makes it 83 times less likely for your acres to develop herbicide resistance to tough-to-control weeds. It can be used as a tank-mix partner with Zidua PRO or Zidua SC herbicides to provide better consistency and resistance management.


Recharge Your Soybean Residual

Alite 27 charges your residual herbicide with greater consistency of early weeds

Alite 27 charges your residual herbicide with greater consistency of early weeds

When dry, other herbicides

stop working

Alite 27 recharges with

just a half inch of water

To provide more consistent control

of grass and broadleaf weeds

Labels and SDS

Alite 27 is a restricted use pesticide.

Alite 27 is only for use pre-emergence on LibertyLink GT27 soybeans.