Operation Weed Eradication

Keeping fields clean all season long starts with an eradication mindset — one weed is one too many. Operation Weed Eradication is our mission to enlist tough-minded farmers and industry leaders to adopt the approach that the last weed standing is the strongest, most capable, and the most genetically resistant weed on the farm and must not be tolerated.

Herbicide-resistant pigweed, specifically Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, are a major economic issue for U.S. farmers. These weed species can grow rapidly, producing large amounts of seeds, allowing them to compete with row crops for nutrients, moisture, and sunlight. This gives them the potential to cause yield loss and devalue farms — ultimately threatening the legacy of an operation.


Operation Weed Eradication Journey Field Farmers

Hear from soybean, corn, cotton and rice farmers on their challenges with controlling pigweed and the key practices to move towards eradicating pigweed.