For plants, the best defense is a good offense

Using fungicides to support excellent plant health

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, December 7, 2017 — Each grower may have their own definition of success, but regardless of the definition, growers still need to develop a crop management plan that has a good offense and defense. An input that helps growers on both sides of the ball, so to speak, would be a fungicide application. Fungicides are a key component for any crop protection plan, as they can help defend against environmental stresses while managing diseases.


For a good offense, applying a plant health labeled fungicide like Headline AMP® fungicide can help crops reach their full genetic potential. Headline AMP includes triazole compounds, which contain potent antifungal properties that provide post-infection disease control. It regulates late-season diseases while providing many benefits that enable the plant to utilize all of its resources for grain fill, which can help maximize yields.


When it comes to a good defense, it’s important to note that diseases can cause damage even before symptoms are detected. Pay special attention to fields that are historically disease prone, have grown corn-on-corn, or are no-till or minimum-till, as those fields will need additional management to regulate diseases.


More instances of diseases such as anthracnose, gray leaf spot and multiple types of leaf blight are becoming prevalent in growers’ fields. Now is the time to plan ahead by making fungicide applications part of an integrated pest management plan for next year.


The plant health benefits of fungicide applications can make a big difference at harvest time when it comes to stalk strength. As corn continues to mature, the ears place tremendous stress on the stalk due to increased weight from water and the shift in nutrients. Lower leaves begin to cannibalize and degrade from lack of sunlight caused by the canopy cover. This can lead to rot infestations, which can quickly overtake the stalk. Poor stalk quality leaves the crop susceptible to stalk lodging, which alone can increase harvest yield losses from five to 25 percent, costing growers time and money.


Making a fungicide application part of a crop protection plan can help plants stay healthier longer, which helps them reach their optimal yield potential to make every dollar count.


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Always read and follow label directions.
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