Innovative rotation system provides new option for battling resistance

Provisia™ Rice System helps growers keep weeds under control



With the continued use of the Clearfield® Production System over the past 15 years, rice growers have experienced increased issues with resistant weeds. The Clearfield System was designed to control red rice and other tough grasses, but the lack of diversity in treatments has created a need for a new system.


The BASF Provisia Rice System, released in partnership with Horizon Ag, provides a new essential tool to help rice farmers control bothersome resistant weeds, including red rice, volunteer rice and annual grasses. The system is composed of Provisia seed containing the Provisia trait, which allows farmers to safely apply Provisia herbicide to their rice.


“This has been the first herbicide-tolerant system to come to market in U.S. rice since the Clearfield Production System was released 15 years ago,” said Donnarie Hales, BASF Product Manager. “Not only will it give growers additional options for weed control in rice, but it will also extend the life of the Clearfield System.”


Growers can plant Provisia seed after a rotation of soybeans or conventional rice. The optimal three-year rotation of the Provisia Rice System, Clearfield Production System and soybeans provides farmers with the best chance of keeping weed resistance under control.


“We want farmers to enter into this system at the correctly timed stage, so planning is essential to ensuring that happens,” said Hales. “BASF and Horizon Ag representatives are working with farmers to help them make those planning decisions now so they have an effective weed resistance program in place for their fields.”


A key element of the system’s success will depend on growers following the Provisia Rice System stewardship guidelines. By practicing good stewardship and rotating herbicide chemistries on rice acres, farmers are better able to manage resistance and grow more sustainable rice for longer.


The Provisia seed variety — PVL01 — is available for limited launch in the 2018 season. Learn more about the Provisia Rice System at


Always read and follow label directions.
Provisia is a trademark, and Clearfield is a registered trademark of BASF.