From plant to harvest: Michigan grower talks Poncho Votivo 2.0 seed treatment system*

The root system that impressed a Michigan grower

Ed Sturm started farming in Scotts, Michigan, when he was just eight years old. With his many years of experience, Sturm has used several seed treatments on his corn. In 2018, he made the decision to use Poncho® Votivo® 2.0 seed treatment system* on a portion of his corn acres.


“A seed treatment gives you more of a leeway to get seeds in when it’s colder,” said Sturm. “I know about 30 years ago I’d be replanting right now because the seed would have been rotted. Now, with this treatment, it protects the embryo or the main part of the seed corn. It lets that corn work.”


After planting, Sturm saw a significant distinction from Poncho Votivo 2.0* seeds to other treated seeds.


“There’s such a difference,” Sturm said. “I’m just shocked at the root system. Poncho Votivo 2.0* had better root systems within two days after sprout. If we have another drought this year, we’ll have higher yield because the root systems have already grown deeper. We were finding roots probably three or four inches down. I’m impressed already.”

When returning at harvest, the corn’s deep roots paid off. He was impressed with how Poncho Votivo 2.0*  helped the corn stand up to a variety of extreme weather and how his corn compared to neighbors’ later in the season.


“Crops have looked really good all year,” said Sturm. “When the corn was planted, we had a wet start to the season with five inches of rain, and a lot of guys got behind on their planting. Then we went into a drought and the corn just kept growing up stronger and stronger.”


Throughout the growing season, Sturm kept an eye on his crop and an eye on his neighbors’.


“The corn was a lot healthier,” said Strum. “When we went out after three days of planting, the crop was probably a good quarter of an inch taller than the other corn. In July, the other farmers had to start running their irrigation.”


At harvest, Sturm was convinced using Poncho Votivo 2.0* was the right decision.


“I did not see any problems with Poncho Votivo 2.0* at all. I already have my seed corn order for next year. I’m convinced just with the results I’ve seen with the root systems.”


Listen to Ed's interview here.


To learn more about Poncho Votivo 2.0*, please visit


Always read and follow label directions.


*Poncho Votivo 2.0 is a seed treatment system composed of the federally registered Poncho Votivo and the state registered TWO.O

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